Who We Are

Welcome to the website of B1Knight Surveillance located in Nevada. We are a company that specializes in creating systems and equipment to deter crime and keep your property safe from intruders and wrong-doers.

B1Knight Surveillance is operated by a former law-enforcement officer, Anthony Ash. Anthony was a LVMPD officer for seven years and an Army Veteran who served in Iraq during the War on Terror. Anthony brings years of valuable expertise and experience from his respective field and puts forward his passion for public safety into this company. He possesses a deep understanding of crime, what motivates it, and what prevents it.

Why install at My Property?

  • Proven solution to reduce crime
  • Low-cost force multiplier to Security
  • Crime stats researched and box placement suggested
  • Overt presence gives valued customers peace of mind
  • Compliments existing surveillance system with added overt coverage
  • Box construction and design is proven and patent pending
  • Repairs and tech support included in lease agreement
  • Assists clients with law enforcement requests for video footage from our product
  • Repair/Replace damaged boxes at no cost
  • Provide the most up to date technology

Why Visual (Overt) Deterrent Matters

While traditional surveillance systems are very effective in documenting and investigating crime, all property owners would rather a crime did not occur to begin with. Deterrent boxes, with their powerful overt lights, have the desired effect of preventing crime. Criminals do not like hard targets and the lighting of a deterrent box demonstrates this property is serious about fighting crime. The average criminal looks for easy scores, the mere presence of a deterrent box will have them look elsewhere.

Visual Deterrence:

  • Announces this property is protected
  • Allows remote viewing and audible alarm
  • Discourages common and career criminals alike
  • Gives customers reassurance that the area is protected
  • Allows for video playback with SD card or cloud storage if needed
  • Promotes a partnership with law enforcement by being proactive in addressing crime
  • A 24/7, 365 asset to your property
  • Possible discounts on property insurance

The Deterrent Box provides 24-hour high definition surveillance via Wifi or 4G cell connection. Equipped with red and blue flashing lights, it is a deterrent for criminal activity. Each camera is equipped with a 64GB Micro SD ImageMate PLUS memory card. The Deterrent Box is an external unit that plugs into a 3-prong outlet. All components are UL compliant. Distinctive "plug and place" design allows for diverse applications.

About B1Knight Surveillance

Proven Results

Client BRAC - installed 3 deterrent boxes to protect their fleet of vehicles from thieves after multiple catalytic converters were stolen. There has been zero crime in this lot since installation.

Client MC - installed one deterrent box on the North side of their business due to rampant prostitution and other associated crime. Immediately upon installation problem people stopped loitering within the area.

Client SS - installed 4 deterrent boxes to help prevent all forms of criminal activity and add to their security plan. Tenants at one building commented that they feel safer with the boxes installed. Management further noticed that a problematic section of the complex associated with drug dealers was abated.

Client RT - installed 5 deterrent boxes to deal with a homeless problem in the rear alleyway of a strip mall. The deterrent boxes installed were set to an audible motion alarm. This effectively cleared the alley from constant vagrancy.


Boxes are Leased at standard net monthly price Lease Structure provides:

  • Technology Upgrades
  • Repair of damage / defective parts
  • Tech support
  • Not permanent mount

*Some models may require customer to provide viable wifi signal.


Email: admin@b1knightsurveillance.com

VP Sales/ Owner: Anthony Ash 702-483-0981

B1Knightsurveillance LLC
806 Buchanan Blvd #115-293
Boulder City, NV 89005-2130