Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you lease equipment instead of sell?

The equipment we lease has a technology component that needs updating and upgrading from time to time. Due to the fact the product is technology based, it is easier to serve our customers best through a lease based contract. This is also advantageous to our customers in that damages and maintenance to the equipment is handled by B1Knight Surveillance. Solar security surveillance trailers are also only needed for short or medium terms and the cost of this equipment may be cost prohibitive.

How much is a solar security surveillance trailer?

The cost of a solar security surveillance trailer is between $800-$1200/ month depending on configuration. However, we constantly have promotions and specials on our products. Call us and let us cater a plan best for your needs.

Do the police have access to your products?

The recordings can be made available to the police by the business owner/ lessee. We can provide technical support in retrieving these recordings, but B1knight does not monitor the surveillance cameras.

I want a crime box and surveillance trailer, but I want someone to monitor it. Do you monitor?

We do not monitor the cameras. However, we have partnerships with other security companies and have worked in conjunction with them to provide a package. Please call us and we can set up something specific to your needs and budget.

How do you know these products work?

Our owner has extensive experience in law enforcement and crime prevention. In real world deployments, crime boxes and solar security surveillance trailers have shown to bring up to 80% crime reductions.

Do you just serve Las Vegas area?

We are willing to travel and assess your security situation in the Las Vegas metro area, surrounding cities, surrounding counties, and surrounding states. Please give us a call and we will coordinate something to help you. We also have partners that we can refer if we are unable to fulfill your request.

How do you view the cameras on deterrence boxes and surveillance security camera trailers?

We have applications for smart phones and also desktop software depending what system you lease.

What if I don't have a strong WIFI signal or any any signal at all, but still want a crime deterrent box?

No WIFI, no problem. Our products also work on 4G so remote locations and places without internet are easily covered. In some cases, even with WIFI, a 4G product is a better choice to maintain consistent service. The 4G products are a little more expensive due to data costs. Give us a call and we will cater the best option for you.

What applications are crime deterrence boxes and solar security surveillance trailers used for?

We have customers that have used our crime deterrence boxes and solar security surveillance trailers for deterring all types of criminal activity on their premises. Common uses are to deter theft of catalytic converters, vagrants from loitering on their property, prostitution, vehicles broken into, narcotics activity, shoplifting and taking a pro-active approach to reducing crime on their property.