Feb. 27, 2021 | by B1KNIGHTSURVEILLANCE Team

Why are overt crime deterrent boxes better than traditional camera systems?

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Why are overt crime deterrent boxes better than traditional camera systems?


The answer to that is actually simple! Overt crime deterrent boxes pose as a conspicuous visual deterrent that announces to criminals that the property is under surveillance. In many cases, traditional camera systems are not always on display for criminals to observe while they are deciding to commit a crime. The absence of an obvious display of security can lead criminals to believe that the property is unprotected, giving them the confidence to commit a crime. Even Though you may have a camera security system, without the direct and overt presence of security, your business can be misperceived as a soft target. Regardless of whether your camera system captures the criminal committing the bad acts, you have now incurred the cost of a robbery. That is why it is important to prevent crime before it happens.


Our Overt Deterrence Boxes substantially increase the likelihood that a criminal will avoid burglarizing your business. Contrary to common belief, criminals do in fact act rationally when deciding to commit a crime. Most wrongdoers want to avoid being caught and will think twice about burglarizing someone's property if it is obvious that they are being surveilled. Most criminals would much rather move on to an easier target than risk being caught.


Overt Deterrence Boxes are an external device that is displayed outside of your business that warns criminals of the consequences before they decide to perpetrate a crime. The deterrence box showcases an obvious display of wireless cameras that can be remotely accessed. Due to the remote access feature the camera feed cannot be disrupted and criminals become very apprehensive because they cannot simply destroy the camera feed from an traditional on-site storage system. Additionally, our Overt Deterrence Boxes are adorned with flashing red and blue lights. This creates an adverse dual effect on the decision making of a criminal. First, the red and blue lights are clearly associated with law enforcement which is the ultimate deterrent for any criminal. Logically, criminals want to avoid law enforcement at all costs. Second, this forces the criminal to acknowledge that the property is protected because the lights will grab their attention immediately. You avoid all the issues of misperception by the perpetrator because it will be abundantly clear that your business is not an easy score for them to hit.