Apr. 12, 2021 | by B1KNIGHTSURVEILLANCE Team

Why the hell is this guy under my car? Catalytic convertor theft in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada is on the rise.

B1Knight Surveillance can prevent catalytic convertor theft and other crime at your business.
B1KNIGHTSURVEILLANCE | Why the hell is this guy under my car? Catalytic convertor theft in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada is on the rise. Cover Image

Unfortunately, criminals find new ways to make money and one of the hot new trends is catalytic convertor theft. For the most part, they are not stealing the catalytic convertors as car parts, but rather stealing them to be sold to recyclers for precious metals inside. There are several crews operating at any one time in large metropolitan areas. The crooks often scout out their targets and strike in the dead of night but have been known to hit all hours of the day as well. Parking lot security is a must to avoid becoming a victim. They use battery powered reciprocating saws and can be in and out in just a few minutes. The police do catch the thieves from time to time and realize some crews are responsible for 100s of thousands in losses. As police focus on violent crime, these property crimes just do not often become a priority. They are a priority for you and your business though, that is why it is critical in being proactive in security and anti-theft measures at your business.

What can you do? You must harden your business, industrial complex, or parking lot with crime deterrence products. B1Knight surveillance offers the perfect solutions to ward off these criminals. As they do their scouts for targets or are just out randomly committing crime, B1knight products send the message not to pick this property. Most of these criminals have long records and are no strangers to jail. They did not like it and they do not want to go back. An overt crime deterrent box or crime surveillance trailer from B1Knight is the ‘in your face’ reminder that this property is protected and does fully cooperate with police. The red and blue lights tell the tale 24/7, crooks run the risk of jail or prison should they try to victimize the property with a crime box cameras or surveillance trailer. These tools are direct links to the police with faster responses and the criminals know it. The red and blue lights provide an extra layer of security for your business. Crime prevention is the best outcome for any business owner.

Business owners can pay a small monthly fee for the peace of mind by securing a deterrent crime box or security surveillance trailer on the front end, or become a victim and potentially pay tens of thousands of dollars and halt business operations costing even more. B1knight surveillance specializes in tactical deployment of anti-crime boxes and crime trailers for overt deterrence. Crime boxes are similar to what the police departments deploy at major intersections throughout Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada. Contact us now to protect your fleet in Las Vegas or Henderson Nevada.