Apr. 12, 2021 | by B1KNIGHTSURVEILLANCE Team

Crime Surveillance Trailer or Crime Deterrent Box, what is the best fit? Preventing crime is Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.

Crime Prevention with Crime Deterrent Boxes and Solar Surveillance Trailers
B1KNIGHTSURVEILLANCE | Crime Surveillance Trailer or Crime Deterrent Box, what is the best fit? Preventing crime is Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. Cover Image

You need to protect your assets, equipment, and property but don’t know what tool is best. In many cases, both crime deterrent boxes and security surveillance trailers are equally effective. The decision may come as result of budget or the specific layout of the property. In some cases, the property is of the nomadic variety, such as in construction sites. Here are the basics to help you decide what piece of overt crime prevention equipment is right for you. First, what is your budget? In general, a crime deterrent box is about 1/5 the cost of a crime surveillance trailer to lease on a month-to-month basis. They are temporarily mounted to a building, pole, or other structure with electric accessibility. The crime boxes can be either WIFI or 4G based, small price difference based whichever is needed. For properties, that have good vantage points over the areas to be protected, the ability to install an outdoor electric outlet, and good mounting spots – boxes are probably the way to go. Solar security surveillance trailers are in high demand right now and for good reason. They can be deployed anywhere and immediately protect high dollar assets such as construction equipment, building supplies, new vehicles, and other infrastructure. The trailers are solar powered so installation of electric is not an issue. The trailers themselves are of course more expensive than crime deterrent boxes so the lease will be as well. However, the protection afforded is cheap in comparison to what is being protected. These surveillance trailers mimic the police crime trailers deployed to crime hot spots. Those deployments are effective because they know people are watching and will respond if crime occurs. Surveillance trailers also typically have 3-4 cameras where a box will have 1-2. So you have better coverage from the security cameras mounted to the equipment. The data allowance for trailers is unlimited and there viewing on both smart phone and desktop software. What is the best fit? Let us come and discuss it with you. Whether it is a crime deterrence box or solar crime surveillance trailer, you will be a making a great choice because both provide excellent protection and crime prevention. The surveillance trailers and crime deterrent boxes are your best defense against the criminal element in Las Vegas. Crime deterrent boxes and surveillance trailers not only stop property crimes and construction theft, but when effectively deployed also deter robberies, assaults, and other violent crime. Having a trailer on site, is like having your own personal squad car with eyes and ears on your property.